‘De América a Europa’

“A journey from Latin America to Europe, in which contemporary music and the romantic period take center stage, presents the premiere in America of Musas y resuello for orchestra by Pacho Flores, Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4, the Sonata for the great viola by Paganini and Bruch’s Romance for viola. A concert in which Filarmed will sound versatile under the direction of Christian Vásquez (Venezuela) and the participation of soloist Milan Milisavljević (Serbia-United States).

Milan Milisavljević, who is performing for the first time with The Medellin Philharmonic, is Principal Viola of the Metropolitan Opera… “

My Groupmuse No. 2 – Mozart and Moving On

Mozart is a bit like the baseline for any good musician. Easy to listen to and notoriously hard to play. We are going back to what we love and are trained to play so all our further repertoire and knowledge comes from wrestling with Wolfgang A. What better way to prepare for a beginning of live performances and a hopeful return to normal than by doing a Master Cleanse?

My good friends Jesse Mills, Grammy-nominated violinist, Joel Noyes of the Metropolitan Opera, and myself are playing Mozart’s beautiful and part cheeky, part serious Divertimento for String Trio from 1788. That’s all. 45 minutes of bliss with our utter commitment and love for this music. “The end is the beginning, and the beginning is perfection.”

We’re streaming this performance live from Reed Yeboah Fine Violins in New York City, and it is being hosted by Groupmuse.

To watch the recital, click here.

poster mozart


7.30pm, Trinity School, 101 West 91st St.

William Walton’s Viola Concerto from 1929 was the first major piece for viola and orchestra in nearly one hundred years. So you can imagine that it is still considered very important in viola ‘rep’! The Concerto is the first piece actually written for the viola (not a transcription) I ever learnt. it’s a beautiful piece, masterfully blending impressionist influences with a deep sense of melancholy and rumination, as the young composer was in the throes of unrequited love at the time. I am playing this with the lovely people of The Riverside Orchestra, conducted by Reuben Blundell. Come and join us.


Teatro Metropolitano, Medellín, 6pm

Bruch and Paganini with Christian Vásquez and the Medellín Philharmonic

Very excited that this concert, delayed multiple times due to the Covid pandemic, is finally happening!